Blessing Sessions

Blessing Sessions are a multi-level process that begin from the bottom-up, in order to achieve the ultimate ‘climax’ experience. We start with an assessment to discern what your needs are. This is done with a computational system, which gathers your answers from our survey to classify your personality distinctions.

The next level involves a one-of-a-kind reading. This comes from the divine Mistress. She will offer you insight on a spiritual, emotional, and ethereal level.

Once the assessment process is complete, we will evaluate the information yielded from our discovery to distinguish what your core issues are and how we can clear them from your experience.

The final level is where the pleasure can begin. This involves our two-pronged approach to clearing and transmuting useless energy and building pure positive energy though your mind, body, and spirit You, our client, will be blessed using an assortment of tools. These include crystals, stones, herbs, candles, or anything else that may be required. These items work’s in cooperation with our “Blessing Sorcerer” or “Blessing Sorceress.” You can choose whether you want a male or female (or both) to facilitate in supplying your blessing. In this last level, the pinnacle goal is reaching your highest spiritual, emotional, mental, and sexual potential.

At Blessing Sessions, we can promise that you will leave feeling the gratification of our blessings and the hard work that you put into feeling the ultimate power that is … all yours.